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DV is committed to preserving a free, ad-supported Internet that is impactful for brands, sustainable for publishers and respectful of consumer choice.


We’re in the Business of Trust

Trust is achieved when a company’s strategy, actions and people work in unison – doing things for the right reasons, in the right way.
This is how we build lasting partnerships with global advertisers. It’s also why we’re trusted by the world’s leading programmatic and social platforms, and publishers. When we collaborate with openness and transparency, we all benefit.

DV pioneered digital ad verification over a decade ago. Today, we authenticate media quality and power performance for the world's largest brands, platforms and publishers.

Hundreds of companies turn to DoubleVerify for our industry-leading technology and data, and unparalleled customer service. We deliver solutions across every major vertical, including Financial Services, Telecom, Automotive, Retail, CPG, Travel, Luxury, Pharmaceuticals and more.

Our team is passionate about developing simple solutions to the industry's most complex challenges.

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    CTV Unlimited CTV is becoming a critical channel for advertisers. With increased consumption comes the need for transparent measurement. DV's approach to CTV measurement gives you insights into fraud, viewability and brand safety - and not just with a handful of CTV publishers, but across all your buys.