Meet With DoubleVerify at Predictions 2020 APAC – DoubleVerify

Join us as we discuss the shift in the way media and digital agencies buy and evaluate media, and how can businesses keep up with innovations in this space.

The Brand Safety Challenge in Digital Advertising: a 2020s Story

Was your ad delivered in a brand-safe environment and how do you know for sure? Today, a negative brand safety incident can create global negative consumer blowback, with the Internet enabling people to share these stories in a nanosecond. Brands that advertise on false, negative or inflammatory content websites are likely to be viewed poorly.

With the proliferation of ads in 2020, concerns on media quality would be top-of-mind for many advertisers.


  • Ishmit Bedi – APAC performance marketing manager, Google, 
  • Conrad Tallariti – RVP, SEA Sales, DoubleVerify
  • Shane Dewar – VP of Media Ops, Essence
  • Moderated by Shawn Lim – Reporter, The Drum APAC
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